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    Author :: Ron Roy

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A to Z Mysteries : The Absent Author
 -by Ron Roy

A is for author...A famous writer is coming to Green Lawn! Dink rushes to the bookstore to meet his favorite author, Wallis Wal... Read More

A to Z Mysteries: The Bald Bandit
 -by Ron Roy

A to Z Mysteries: The Canary Caper
 -by Ron Roy

C is for Canary . . . Green Lawn has a pet problem! Dink’s neighbor can’t find her canary. Ruth Rose’s cat, T... Read More

A to Z Mysteries: The Deadly Dungeon
 -by Ron Roy

D is for Dungeon . . . Get ready for a sleepover—in a castle! Soon after the kids arrive at Moose Manor in Maine, they he... Read More

A to Z Mysteries: The Invisible Island
 -by Ron Roy

I is for Island . . . It’s picnic time! Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose pack up a basket and wade out to Squall Island. Right a... Read More

A to Z Mysteries: The Missing Mummy
 -by Ron Roy

M is for Mummy . . . Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose want their mummy! It’s Mummy Monday at the museum, and the kids get to see... Read More

A to Z Mysteries: The Panda Puzzle
 -by Ron Roy

P is for Panda . . . There’s panda-monium in Green Lawn! The town is building a new park for a panda and her baby. But so... Read More

A to Z Mysteries: The Quicksand Question
 -by Ron Roy

Q is for Quicksand . . . Quack, quack—ducks crossing! Green Lawn is raising funds for a special bridge to keep ducks safe... Read More

A to Z Mysteries: The Runaway Racehorse
 -by Ron Roy

R is for Racehorse . . . And they’re off! The kids can’t wait to see Uncle Warren’s racehorse Whirlaway&rsquo... Read More

A to Z Mysteries: The School Skeleton
 -by Ron Roy

S is for Skeleton . . . It’s a bona fide mystery at Dink’s school! Someone has stolen Mr. Bones, the skeleton from ... Read More

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Author in Focus

A little about me: I always knew I wanted to work with books somehow, so I studied English at university before working in a bookshop, a literary ag Read More...

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A family road trip is supposed to be a lot of fun . . . unless, of course, you're the Heffleys. The journey starts off full of promise, then quickly takes several wrong turns. Gas station bathrooms, crazed seagulls, a fender bender, and a runaway pig-not exactly Greg Heffley's idea of a good time. But even the worst road trip can turn into an adventure-and this is one the Heffleys won Read More...
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