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Author Name: Ron Roy

Ron Roy was born in Hartford, Connecticut. His parents named him Wallace Ronald Roy, but he shortened the name to Ron Roy. He was a shy kid, and spent much of his time studying nature and reading. He loved school and used to win all the spelling bees.

His favorite teacher was Mr. Ben Hancock, who taught him to love books, how to hit a baseball and how to catch a fish. Because of Mr. Hancock’s influence, he decided to become a teacher himself some day, so after college and graduate school, he became a fourth grade teacher. But somewhere along the way he started writing children’s stories and sending them to publishing companies.

In 1978, he sold his first children’s book. That was one of the most exciting days of his life. Soon he left teaching and became a full time writer. In 1997 he started writing the A to Z Mysteries series. Now he is working on Capital Mysteries. Millions of children are reading these books, which makes him very happy. 

     Books By Author :: Ron Roy

A to Z Mysteries: The Missing Mummy
 -by Ron Roy

M is for Mummy . . . Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose want their mummy! It’s Mummy Monday at the museum, and the kids get to see... Read More

A to Z Mysteries: The Quicksand Question
 -by Ron Roy

Q is for Quicksand . . . Quack, quack—ducks crossing! Green Lawn is raising funds for a special bridge to keep ducks safe... Read More

A to Z Mysteries: The Yellow Yacht
 -by Ron Roy

Y is for Yacht . . . There’s trouble in paradise! The kids are having a great time swimming, snorkeling, and soaking up t... Read More

A to Z Mysteries: The School Skeleton
 -by Ron Roy

S is for Skeleton . . . It’s a bona fide mystery at Dink’s school! Someone has stolen Mr. Bones, the skeleton from ... Read More

A to Z Mysteries:The Haunted Hotel
 -by Ron Roy

When the guests of the Shangri-La Hotel are scared away by a white-haired female ghost, Dink and his friends investigate the my... Read More

A to Z Mysteries: The Canary Caper
 -by Ron Roy

C is for Canary . . . Green Lawn has a pet problem! Dink’s neighbor can’t find her canary. Ruth Rose’s cat, T... Read More

A to Z Mysteries : The Absent Author
 -by Ron Roy

A is for author...A famous writer is coming to Green Lawn! Dink rushes to the bookstore to meet his favorite author, Wallis Wal... Read More

A to Z Mysteries: The X'ed-Out X-Ray
 -by Ron Roy

X is for X-Ray . . . X marks the spot! When the kids go to a concert, Dink injures his arm. At the same time, the singer’... Read More

A to Z Mysteries: The Panda Puzzle
 -by Ron Roy

P is for Panda . . . There’s panda-monium in Green Lawn! The town is building a new park for a panda and her baby. But so... Read More

A to Z Mysteries: The Deadly Dungeon
 -by Ron Roy

D is for Dungeon . . . Get ready for a sleepover—in a castle! Soon after the kids arrive at Moose Manor in Maine, they he... Read More

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Author in Focus

A little about me: I always knew I wanted to work with books somehow, so I studied English at university before working in a bookshop, a literary ag Read More...

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