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Book Title: Decisive Battles

 Renowned military historian John Colvin examines the battles throughout the centuries that can be said to be 'decisive', in that they affected not just immediate events but also the final outcome of a war and even beyond. From Salamis in 480 BC, when Themistocles' Athenians defeated the Persians led by Xerxes, through Hastings, Saratoga and Trafalgar to the major conflicts of the twentieth century, Colvin assesses the wider implications of each victory, or defeat, giving it its proper place in the context of human history. The Battle of Britain, for example, was not only a turning point in the Second World War but also prevented the invasion of Britain and German hegemony in Europe. DECISIVE BATTLES is a clearly argued, accessible work which illuminates a complex subject.

Author Name: John Colvin
Reference Number:4349
ISBN: 978-0755310715
Number of Pages: 352
Book rating: No Rating
Author rating: No Rating

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