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Book Title: Boy Meets Girl

When you work for a T.O.D. (short for Tyrannical Office Despot... also known as Amy Jenkins, Director of the Human Resources Division at the New York Journal, New York City's leading photo-newspaper), and your musician boyfriend of ten years has just announced that he can't commit to a long term relationship because he has to take it 'one day at a time', and your best girlfriend is on fertility drugs because she and her husband can't seem to get pregnant, and your mother is driving cross country in an RV with a younger man, and you can't seem to be able to find an affordable studio apartment anywhere in the five boroughs, it might seem like things can't get any worse. They can. Because the T.O.D. might make you fire Ida Lopez, the most popular employee in the paper's senior staff dining room. And Ida might sue for wrongful termination. And you might just find yourself giving a deposition in front of Mitch Hertzog, scion of one of Manhattan's wealthiest law families, 'a soulless corporate drone' who embraces everything you most despise... but also happens to have a nice smile and a killer bod. The last thing anybody - least of all Kate Mackenzie - expects to find in a legal arbitration is love. But that's the kind of thing that can happen when... Boy Meets Girl.

Author Name: Meg Cabot
Reference Number:842
ISBN: 978033041887
Number of Pages: 382
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