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Book Title: Synchrodestiny: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence to Create Miracles

Synchrodestiny: Harnessing The Infinite Power of Coincidence to Create Miracles is a book that combines scientific reasoning with the concept of the mysticism of the universe. The book revolves around the power of coincidences and the forces of destiny.

The book puts forward the premise that coincidences are not simply meaningless or random incidents. The book says that a deeper meaning can be found in coincidences and that if they are taken seriously, they can reveal to people the pathway to their destinies. The author says that to live an actualized and truly fulfilled life, one must recognize the life-altering potential of coincidences.

The content of the book is divided into two interconnected parts. The first part of the book introduces the concept of synchrodestiny and uses scientific evidence, including the principles of quantum physics, to validate it. The book goes on to list out the seven principles of synchrodestiny. Then, the concepts of intent and coincidence are critically evaluated.

The second half of the book focusses on the ways in which the concepts discussed in the first half can be practically applied. Various methods and exercises have been explained in detail and the book says that these exercises can be used effectively to focus the mind. Synchrodestiny: Harnessing The Infinite Power of Coincidence to Create Miracles has met with approval for its balance of spirituality and science. It urges its readers to contemplate the course that their lives are taking and explains how one thing leads to another.

Author Name: Deepak Chopra
Reference Number:5790
ISBN: 9781844132218
Number of Pages: 302
Book rating: No Rating
Author rating: No Rating

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