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Book Title: No Choice but Seduction

With humor, passionate intensity, and dramatic storytelling, Johanna Lindsey brings to life her beloved aristocratic Malory family of adventurous rogues and spirited ladies, and the glamour and excitement of Regency-era England.
When Sir Anthony Malory's daughter is abducted from London's Hyde Park, the ransom note is mistakenly delivered to the home of his brother James Malory. But with James and Georgina in the Caribbean, only their house guest Boyd Anderson, Georgina's youngest brother, a notoriously hot-headed American sea captain, can help Anthony locate the girl and punish the foolhardy villain.
Vivacious Katey Tyler fled the dull small town of Gardener, Connecticut when her mother died, seeking adventure and romance on a grand tour of Europe. At an inn one night she hears a pitiful mewling in the room next door and finds a little girl bound and gagged. Sweeping the girl to safety, she agrees to escort the girl back to her family in London. But Katey hardly expects to be apprehended by a big, handsome American man and be blamed for kidnapping the very girl she rescued! Little does Katey realize that in having caught the attention of Boyd Anderson she's about to experience more adventure and passion than the typical young lady encounters on a very grand tour, and in meeting up with the Malorys her life will never be dull again!

Author Name: Johanna Lindsey
Reference Number:2565
ISBN: 9781416588627
Number of Pages: 361
Book rating: No Rating
Author rating: No Rating

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