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     Top Rated :: Chhota Bheem and Krishna : The Movie

Book Title: Chhota Bheem and Krishna : The Movie

 About 500 years ago, the five kingdoms around Dholakpur joined together to end Kirmada's rule. Now a mysterious force has brought him back from the dead. With a goblin army at his back, he soon puts the kingdom around Dholakpur under his power. He attacks Dholakpur with his goblin army. The Dholakpur Army led by Bheem fight bravely but they are no match to the never ending army of the magically powerful Goblins. Soon, Kirmada captures Dholakpur's King. The War is over. Dholakpur is captured. All except Bheem have escaped his Iron Grip. Kirmada realizing the threat from Bheem asks his men to capture him and his friends but they manage to escape narrowly. Now it is up to Bheem to save the five Kingdoms. But how does he kill a mam who is already dead? And how can he control a powerful beast that an army of Goblins protects? Don't miss Bheem beat Kirmada and save the kingdom of Dholakpur once again!!

Author Name: Rajiv Chilaka
Reference Number:C 1615
ISBN: 9789380708188
Number of Pages: 105
Book rating:
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