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Author Name: Tom Clancy

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Splinter Cell Checkmate
 -by Tom Clancy

He is Sam Fisher: Third Echelon special operative. And when a cargo freighter loaded down with radioactive material is headed t... Read More

Every Man a Tiger
 -by Tom Clancy

NEWLY REVISED—updated information on the current Iraq air campaign General Chuck Horner commanded the U.S. and allied air... Read More

Line of Control (Tom Clancy's Op-Centre, Book 7)
 -by Tom Clancy

The eighth volume in the fast-selling series of high-tech, high-action thrillers centred on Washingt... Read More

Net Force - Point of Impact
 -by Tom Clancy

In the year 2010, computers are the new superpowers. Those who control there control the world. To enforce the Net Laws, Congre... Read More

The Teeth of the Tiger
 -by Tom Clancy

The old rules no longer apply - anybody with a spare AK47 or a knowledge of kitchen chemistry can become a player. In a nondesc... Read More

Red Rabbit
 -by Tom Clancy

Jack Ryan was a historian, teacher, and recent ex-Marine temporarily living in England while researching a book. A series of de... Read More

Games of State
 -by Tom Clancy
The third novel in the blockbuster bestselling series, Op-Center

In the newly u... Read More

Hidden Agendas
 -by Tom Clancy

In the year 2010, computers are the new superpower. Those who control them control the world. To enforce the New Laws, Congress... Read More

 -by Tom Clancy
Tom Clancy's Op-Center is a beating heart of defense, intelligence, and crisis management technology. It is run by a team of opera... Read More

State Of Seige
 -by Tom Clancy

Following Tom Clancy's Op Centre, Mirror Image and Games Of State, a fourth techno thriller centered on the National Crisis Man... Read More

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Author in Focus

A little about me: I always knew I wanted to work with books somehow, so I studied English at university before working in a bookshop, a literary ag Read More...

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