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Author Name: Louis L'Amour

Louis L’Amour was born on March 22, 1908. He is the much-loved author of over 100 works. He is best known for his Western fiction novels but has also written historical fiction, science fiction, nonfiction, poetry and short stories.
He was born in Jamestown, North Dakota where he played “Cowboys and Indians” in the family barn and spent a great deal of time in the library. He traveled all over the West and the world. He met many colorful characters that later became inspirations for his novels. He started writing and eventually his stories appeared in pulp magazines.
He continued to travel the world as a merchant seaman and as a transport officer during World War II. He continued to work as a writer during this time. In the 1950s he began selling novels. Several of his novels have been made into films including Hondo, Conagher, and the Shadow Riders.
President Ronald Reagan presented L’Amour with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1984.
He died in 1988 of lung cancer.

     Books By Author :: Louis L'Amour

The Man from Skibbereen
 -by Louis L'Amour

Crispin Mayo was a stranger to the law of the gun. He had come west from Ireland to seek his fortune--one man with nothing but ... Read More

Jubal Sackett
 -by Louis L'Amour

Filled with action, adventure, mystery, and historical detail, the Sackett saga is an unforgettable achievement by one of Ameri... Read More

Guns of the Timberlands
 -by Louis L'Amour

Clay Bell was a onetime drifter who'd grown weary of long trails and settled on the sweetest land he'd ever seen. For six years... Read More

 -by Louis L'Amour

Major James Brionne brought Dave Allard to trial for murder. Just before the hanging, Dave swore his brothers would take vengea... Read More

 -by Louis L'Amour

When Otis Chancy started out he had nothing. Then fate dealt him four of a kind - all bullets. The young drifter played his han... Read More

From the Listening Hills
 -by Louis L'Amour

The twelve stories in this collection-appearing for the first time in one complete volume-run the spectrum of human emotions as... Read More

Buckskin Run
 -by Louis L'Amour

In this unique collection of tales, Louis L'Amour captures the frontier experience as it lives forever in the American imaginat... Read More

 -by Louis L'Amour

Conagher, a tough drifter thinking about settling down, must face a band of renegade Apaches and a deadly gang of rustlers befo... Read More

Down the Long Hills
 -by Louis L'Amour

After the massacre, Hardy and Betty Sue were left with only a horse and a knife with which to face the long battle against the ... Read More

Crossfire Trail
 -by Louis L'Amour

Rafe Caradec was a man who always rode at the ready, hardened by a life spent among ruthless men who played for the highest sta... Read More

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