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Blood Of Olympus (Heroes Of Olympus 5) is the story of Greek and Roman demigods of the Agro 2. Throughout their journey, they had successful quests until they encountered the earth mother, Gaea, whom they barely seem to defeat. Her giants have risen and there is no one to stop them as they have acquired the peak of their strength. But they ought to be stopped as Gaea plans to have two of the seven crew members sacrificed during the Feast of Spes in Athens. In order to wake and rise, she is in need of the blood of Olympus. Tempted for using secret weapons, their friends think that it is necessary to take Athena Parthenos; they are aware that the war between the two camps could be stopped on Long Island, where new statue belongs. The Athena Parthenos goes west and the Argo 2 decides to go towards the east. The Gods are useless as they suffer from a personality disorder. The question arises whether a handful of demigods will be able to persevere Gaea army or not, the army which is studded with powerful giants. They have sacrificed a lot but they don''t seem to have any other alternate. Read More...
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