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Book Title: பதினோராவது அவதாரம் & பனி நிலவு

To perish the evil, Everyone expect a supernatural phenomenon or God to help. But even a normal person can become one of a kind. In this story, Killer announces his Name as 11th Avatar and challenges the police department with a series of murders. Before the police officials try to join the dots, things go beyond their control. The unique way used by the killer will definitely amuse the readers at its best.

Lekha, a girl from a middle-class family lives in Chennai with her mother Senbagavalli and father Ramamoorthy. To everyone's surprise, she is getting engaged to Millionaire Sundar, who is from Mumbai. When things are going happy, her fiancé racks up an issue that demoralizes her and her father. But Sundar extends his support and pledges to find out the whole story behind that. They plan to travel to Mumbai and find themselves in the winding paths that lead nowhere. The struggles they undergo and the ways they choose to find the truth will move the readers, especially the last portion of the story may put you in silent mode for quite some time, after reading the novel.


Author Name: Rajesh Kumar
Reference Number:T 229
ISBN: 978-1685633622
Number of Pages: 216
Book rating: No Rating
Author rating: No Rating

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