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Book Title: Stories of Rama

In this Pancharanta volume, we have put together five Amar Chitra Katha titles on the legendary ideal king, Rama. The first one is based on Kalidasa’s ?Raghuvamsham and chronicles the lives of the Ancestors of Rama.
The second, Dasharatha, is based mainly on Valmiki’s famous epic, Ramayana. It is said that the poem could gush out of the compassionate heart of Valmiki because he witnessed the sorrow of a female Krauncha bird, when its mate was killed by the merciless arrow of a hunter.
Rama is based on the Hindi classic Ram-Charit-Manas by the great poet Tulsidas. The idea that God fulfills himself in the best of men is conveyed by the life of Rama, as depicted by Tulsidas.
Hanuman, though born a monkey, attained a prominent place among the Hindu Gods, by his sterling character and by his singular devotion to Rama.
The Sons of Rama is based on Bhavabhuti’s Uttara-Ramacharitam.This volume contains the following Amar Chitra Katha Regular Titles:Ancestors of Rama, Dasharatha, Rama, Hanuman and The Sons of Rama

Author Name: Amar Chitra Katha
Reference Number:C 0326
ISBN: 8189999508
Number of Pages: 125
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